Happiness on the Skyline

Tapestry of Spirit

For the whippoorwills swaying in the moonlight, I see naught but shadows dancing against the face of eternity. Where do the shadows cast their darkness? Into thin air.

For the wheat in the fields and rolling hills, I see naught but an ocean of gleaming gold dancing against the dawn of creation. Where do the seeds fly? In the wind.

For the Spring I see the march of nature, perennially renewed, bound with with death, but ever optimistic. Where does it go beyond passing? Back home.

For the beings peopling the earth, I see an incredible tapestry of spirit, as if one being united in separateness, woven together to create a beautiful symbol of interconnectedness, a vision for the future perhaps far distant, yet approachable with patience and understanding, humor and humility, grace and tranquility, as we make strides forward together towards a skyline traced with happiness.